Why Mimeos

We are LEED Accredited Practitioners (LEEDAP) who embrace solar, energy efficiency, and sustainable building practices. We can show you first hand the incredible impact it can make on lowering operating costs and enhancing a building or company’s value and marketability. Solar and building sustainably also help protect and conserve natural habitat and create better overall health and well being for everyone. Whatever your motivation, we can guide you toward your goals both small and large. We are professionals specializing in:

  • Residential and commercial solar power installation
  • Organic Food Production Greenhouse Installations
  • Sustainability Consulting/LEED Project Consulting
  • Solar Pool Heating, High Efficiency Plumbing, Variable Speed Pool Pump Installation
  • Commercial Energy Efficiency Technology Implementation, Building Performance Testing, and Energy Auditing services

Mimeos specializes in building residential and commercial solar systems, known as “photovoltaic” or “PV” systems. We have installed them on hundreds of homes and businesses and helped many of our customers produce enough energy to cover thier entire annual power usage, leaving them with little or no utility bill. We have a team of highly skilled solar specialists who are trained in sustainability, engineering & architecture. We are available to assist and provide consultation on rooftop solar panel installations, solar pool heating, greenhouse and grey water systems.

With our unique Energy-Efficiency-First approach, Mimeos can save you thousands of dollars on your solar system. We do this by first identifying cost-effective methods of lowering your current energy usage and then designing a system around this reduced usage. This enables us to design a smaller solar system than would have been necessary thus saving you thousands of dollars in unneeded panels and years of reduced energy usage. It’s a win-win financially and environmentally and what sets Mimeos apart from other solar installers.