“I can only add that my experience with Matt, Robert, Albert and Kalisa and the installation team were great; they were helpful, courteous and on schedule every step of the way.I would definitely recommend talking to them if you want to go solar. I don't think you could do better with any other company”
Jeff B,
Long Beach, CA
“I have to say they delivered on what they promised. I worked with Kevin and he was so pleasant that I referred him to my family and friends. So far they did three solar jobs for us and all of them were smooth. I got a few bids and their price was competitive and I found them to be super honest which is key for this type type of business. You get the feeling that they really care about word of mouth and they are not trying to "clean up" on one project.”
James H,
Burbank, CA
“Before deciding to use Matt Moses and his firm, we had interviewed other solar installation company's and there was always something about them that was lacking either about rebate information, installation procedure, warranty or pricing. Matt answered all our questions and then some. He made the complex rebate process a breeze and even gave us exact information as to the tax credits we will receive.After we had agreed on a custom designed system and price Matt even called us later and told us the price on the panels we were going to use had dropped in price and he was passing the savings on to us. The fact that Matt did this shows his high business ethics because we would have never known or expected the cost reduction if he did not tell us. Our installation went very well and as scheduled and we are so happy we are going to have Matt arrange to install a solar pool heating system for us also. We highly recommend Mimeo's for your solar energy systems.”
Jim M,
Palos Verdes Estates, CA
“Matt and his crew were such a pleasure to deal with. I met with two other solar companies and these guys gave me the best bid. Besides that they were prompt, charming, and delivered when they said that they were gonna deliver. I tried to work with another solar company a few years ago, but they were such flakes that I was turned off from the whole process. These guys took care of bizness and put in 14 state of the art solar panels in a day and a half. They had excellent communication and follow up---and walked me through the rebate process with ease. They were even clean and neat and thoughtful. They did such a good job that my neighbor is now using them. I gave them 5 stars and 2 thumbs up. I like them so much”
Cindy B,
Los Angeles, CA
"Well my system has been up and running now since June and so far my bill from SCE has been a monthly processing fee of .90. Yes Ninety Cents! My monthly bill in 2011 ranged from $280 to $440 a month...my monthly lease is less than $200 a month and fixed for 20 years. All summer I produced more energy than I consumed and I accrued a credit with SCE that is now being utilized during these winter months. So the calculations/sizing made by Kevin with Mimeos was spot on. Also, SCE just approved a rate increase in the 5-6% range for 2013 and 2014. So Yes I am happy and continue to be impressed with Mimeos and the solution they installed!"
Tim Z,
Costa Mesa, CA
"Mimeos installed an 8-panel 1.84kW system that has been working flawlessly since it was installed in November 2010. I absolutely love having solar power... both on a financial and moral level. I talked to a lot of Mimeos' customers before going with them and they all were incredibly effusive about how great they were... which was confirmed by my own experience. Matt, my main contact, and his crew could not have been more professional, informative and easy to work with. They genuinely took all of the mystery out of what seemed like a fairly daunting project. Matt made himself available to answer any questions whenever I had them. The installation itself was quick and painless. I highly, highly recommend talking to them."
Eric K,
Los Angeles, CA
"I highly recommend Mimeos. After interviewing a number of companies, I chose them to help install solar panels for both my house and for my pool. It was very helpful to receive their advice on what systems would best meet my needs, and then to have them oversee the complicated rebate and installation process, which involved many different parties. Throughout the process, I could contact my courteous and knowledgeable consultant, Kevin Gibbons, for an explanation of what was happening with my project. Their prices were very competitive, and I'm very satisfied with the finished product."
Pasadena, CA
"My parents just had Mimeos install a 5kW solar system in November. They love it! After thinking about going solar for a long time, they finally decided to go with Mimeos after hearing about them from a friend. They thought solar was prohibitively expensive but after Matt broke down all of the tax incentives they were ready to go. Since they had their house custom built, they were weary of having to deal with contractors and building again. They did not need to worry about Mimeos, their experience was great and my dad loves watching the meter spin backwards!"
Liz H,
Glendale, CA