Giving Back

Mimeos is proud to be partnering and supporting this incredible organization – Isidore. We feel it important – as a sustainability company, as well as our social responsibility to inform our communities about organizations such as this as well as to support one another. Please take a moment to read what they are doing, and spread the word. Thank you. – Matt Moses, Founder of Mimeos.

Isidore Electronics Recycling provides electronic recycling services to Los Angeles residents, business, and governmental organizations while functioning as an on-the-job training and employment program for previously incarcerated Angelinos who face barriers to employment. Isidore is a full service electronics recycler offering recycling, data destruction and reselling services. Operating out of a 5,500 square feet facility located around the community of Lincoln Heights, Isidore is a woman owned Limited Liability Corporation operating as a triple bottom line social enterprise.

What Isidore ACCEPTS: Desktop & Laptop Computer, Smartphones, PDA’s, cell phones, LCD monitors, TVs, game systems, digital cameras, mp3 players, camcorders, printers, scanners, faxes, keyboards/mice, GPS systems, assorted electrical wire and power cords, CRT televisions, monitors, toner cartridges, surge protectors, computer boards, satellite components, photo copiers, microwaves, power supply systems and computer servers.

DON’T ACCEPT: Refrigerators, air conditioners, alkaline batteries, light bulbs, and thermo stats. With 3 Primary Goals:

  • 1) Lessen the impact of e-waste on the environment in Los Angeles.
  • 2) Recycle LA’s e-waste right here in our city, providing green jobs and supporting our tax base.
  • 3) Offer jobs to people who suffer from severe barriers to work, specifically those previously incarcerated.
Isidore also repair your cell phone & smart phone screens whilst you wait!

For every 50,000 lbs we collect, we can hire a new worker. We can’t do it without your electronics. For information on recycling with Isidore, please visit

In Support of the connect the kids fundraiser- Mimeos Solar is proud to represent. Aceing Autism is a not for profit organization whose mission is to make the sport of tennis available to children with autism and to use tennis as a means to enhance health and fitness, hand-eye coordination and motor development and improve the social skills for children with autism….And, of course, to make sure kids have fun in the process! To learn more, go to Like Aceing Autism on facebook to show your support.