Residential Solar


Trusted Los Angeles Residential Solar Experts

Solar energy is:
  • clean
  • reliable
  • virtually maintenance free
A solar system will continue to make energy for decades with parts and materials warranted for much of that time. You can become your own electric company. By doing so, you will protect yourself from further rate hikes, increase your property value, eliminate your monthly electricity costs, and make a huge contribution to reducing pollution. There is a HUGE opportunity at hand: With the momentum being created towards cleaner energy sources and the inevitability of electricity increases on the horizon, the set up for solar is better than ever. Return on Investment is dropping quickly. Going solar is one of the best ways to completely avoid the barrage of energy price increases on the horizon. A few critical factors make a property ideal for solar and allow it to receive the maximum benefits are ORIENTATION, AVAILABLE ROOF SPACE, and SHADING. Orientation: The ideal orientation for a roof is due south, as it will receive the maximum amount of sun as it travels across the sky from east to west. Southwest and southeast facing surfaces work nearly as well. Roof Space: It also takes a lot of panels to make enough electricity to cover the usage of the average property, so there should be ample roof space to accommodate them. Shading: Finally, a roof must have literally no shading from trees or obstructions otherwise production will be compromised. If your property passes the above test, you are an exceptional candidate for solar. We’d love to talk to you and provide you with our expertise and turn-key solar solution.
  • We identify cost-effective methods of lowering your current energy usage. This could be through implementing new technology and updating certain household appliances, pool pumps or plumbing (this in itself can save you thousands of dollars).
  • We design & install a solar system to eliminate up to 100% of your usage with a clean & renewable top of the line turn-key solar energy solution.
  • We navigate the vast array of tax credits, cash rebates, loans and grant programs for you and reduce your out of pocket costs by taking advantage of these opportunities.
  • We take care of all the administration, building and electrical permits & warrantees.
We would love to talk to you! We are passionate about solar and are on a mission to make it happen affordably for as many people as possible. There is no obligation, and we welcome all questions, big or small. We know we can provide you the best options and system possible at the best possible price. We realize every customer has their own motivations and thier own unique circumstances. We provide both lease and purchase options and are committed to finding the best solution for you.